CS-PT623 Electronic Pressure Switch

CS-PT623 Electronic Pressure Switch

CS-PT623 is an intelligent pressure switch combining pressure measurement, local display and control together. It uses advanced ARM industrial-grade MCU as core and high quality pressure sensor as sensing element. With well-designation and adjustment, CS-PT623 has quick reaction and good electro-magnetic compatibility for pressure control at the premise of accuracy. It can be widely used for industrial site pressure control in pump, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. CS-PT623 is able to visually process the process pressure and switch contacts status through switch output, analog output and display screen. It has various output signals for different application. OLED display is very clear to read.



  • Relay output
  • Over-voltage protected
  • Reverse voltage protected
  • SS304 casing
  • IP65
  • The switch head allowed to route 330°
  • Switch point setting (separately for each)
  • OLED display


  • Mechanical
  • Industry automatic control
  • Pressure measurement for gas and liquid

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