DS1 SERIES : Direct Threaded Diaphragm Seal

TAG Technology


  • Direct threaded processing type
  • Applicable with most measuring instruments
  • Double laser welding diaphragm design
  • Wide range corrosive applications
  • Stainless steel wetted parts with options
  • Various diaphragm materials selection
  • Diaphragm or wetted parts coating or lining
  • Pressure range -1..0,-1..+24 to 0..400 bar
  • Various liquid filling supported


DS1 SERIES:Direct Threaded Diaphragm Seal

Technical Specification

  • Model and pressure configuration
    Pressure : 0..1 bar to 400 bar
    Vacuum : -1..0 bar
    Compound : -1..24 bar
  • Instrument / Process Connection Size
    G ½ or NPT, other connection size available
  • Working temperature range
    Working temperature -40°..+150℃
    Please refer to filling selection table
  • Optional Accessories
    Stainless steel armoured capillary, max.15m
    Cooling tower C1..C3(T>100℃)


  • The upper part and the lower part
    SS 316(Standard) or *SS316L
  • Diaphragm
    SS 316L(Standard),*Optional Titanium, Monel,Hastelloy,Tantalm, or others
  • Sealing ring / gasket
    PTFE / Viton seal *Optional Nitrile, Rubber,Fluoroplastic
  • Fastening screw SS 304
  • Diaphragm filling
    Standard silicone oil