GS60 SERIES All Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge

TAG Technology

GS60 SERIES is a special design with stainless steel case and copper alloy wetted part and fillable option for extreme vibration application and non-corrosive ambient field condition, with crimped lock case design. Applicable for pneumatic and hydraulic systems,compressors,engines,pumps, sprinkles system,building automation system and processing unit where vibration is concern.


GS60 SERIES:All Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge

over view :
> Accuracy class 2.5 (40mm), 1.6 (50..63 mm)
> Dial size 40, 50 and 63 mm
> Pressure range -1..0, -1..+24 to 0..1600 bar
> Bottom, back, wall, panel and U-clamp mount
> Conn. size G1/8″, G1/4″ or NPT
> Index protection IP65
> Ambient/Working temp. -30..+70C/Max. +180C
> Design material :
Casing- Stainless steel
Wetted parts- Stainless steel
Window- Plain instrument glass

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